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"Our aim is to provide a professional, affordable and friendly service that delights our customers every time."

STUART MAC PHG undertake a wide range of Plumbing services, we pride ourselves in ensuring that of our all customers work is treated with the same importance regardless of how small the job may be, Our skilled experienced engineers can carry out a full range of plumbing services as listed below, however if the work you are looking to have undertaken is not listed please give us a call.
We also ensure that all the work completed adheres to the Building Regulations and Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Low pressure
Isolation Valves
Shut off zones
Kitchen Sink Taps
Kitchen Sinks
Kitchen Appliances
Pipe work
Garden Taps

Basin Taps

Suffering from constantly annoying dripping taps? Want new taps fitted? We can help by either by recommending or supplying and installation.

• Repairing leaking Taps
• Replacing Tap Washers
• Replacing Taps
• Isolation Valves fitted


Is your basin looking tired? Chipped? In need of replacement? We can help by either recommending or supplying and installation.

• Replacing Basins
(Please note we only carry out basic tiling work)


Having problems flushing your toilet? Need or want to upgrade your toilet? We can help by either recommending or supplying and installation.

• Repair / Replacement of Toilet cistern components
• Replacement of Toilets
• Isolation Valves fitted


Need or want to upgrade your bath? We can help by either recommending or supplying and installation.

• Installation of Baths
• Bath trap overflow repairs
• Isolation Valves Fitted

Is your shower faulty? Pump broken? Want to upgrade your shower? We can help by either recommending or supplying and installation.

• Showers installed
• Cubicles installed
• Shower Screens Installed
• Pumps replaced / fitted

Re sealing

Has you mastic had its day? Gone black? Need replacing? Then we can help

• Re Sealing of basin, bath, and shower surrounds.

Low Pressure

We will not replace your shower or recommend new appliances without ensuring that it are not a fault with your water pressure or a leak that is the problem. We can conduct investigations to ascertain the exact nature of your low pressure issues. Why spend hundreds of pound when we may solve your issue at a fraction of the cost!

• Low Water pressure investigation
• Hot and Cold Water Problems

Shut off Zones

What would you do if you had a leak in your bathroom? Could you isolate just that room and reduce the amount of damage but leave water on for your heating and other areas of the house. Reduce call out charges and damage

• Installation of Isolation zones

Kitchen / Utility room Taps

We can repair or replace you kitchen taps we can recommend, supply or just install your taps.

• Repairing leaking Taps
• Replacing Tap Washers
• Replacing Taps
• Kitchen waste pipe repair / replacement

Kitchen Sinks

Has your sink seen better days? Want or need to upgrade? We can recommend or supply or just install

• Installation of replacement sinks

Kitchen Appliances

Have your new appliance fitted properly ensuring that the waste is correctly and safely fitted to prevent future leaks.

• Fitting of and plumbing in of Kitchen appliances (Washers / Dishwashers)
• Installation of Waste pipe

Kitchen Sink Cupboards

Most kitchen cupboards are a maze of copper pipe work valves add on’s and waste pipe. Why not invest in having your pipe work updated and simplified in 99% of cases this results in more valuable space and a more hygienic environment.

• Kitchen Waste
• Kitchen waste pipe repair / replacement

Pipe work

Does your pipe work resemble spaghetti junction is it correctly isolated and protected from frost and undue heating increasing the risk of liegionella . Are you in a hard water area?

• Repairs / re plumbing of pipe work
• Installation of Isolation valves
• Installation of Water Softening Device
• Pipe insulation


Where’s you stopcock?
Can you find it?
Will it work?
What would you do if you had a bust pipe?

Having problems with your Stop cock? Is it difficult to turn on and off? Difficult to reach – we have the solution, STUART MAC PHG are authorised installers of the
surestop water switch. Powered by water pressure - the surestop requires No batteries or electricity! It can be fitted on the wall above your worktop or inside the cupboard or anywhere within 10 feet of the stop cock. .
surestop – the easy way to turn off water supply at the flick of a switch!

Garden supply
We can advise on the correct legal and hygienic way of installing outside water supply. Incorrectly fitted outside taps can cause water infections, burst pipes and contamination of the main supply if not fitted correctly.

• Garden Taps repaired
• Garden Taps fitted

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